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Published Nov 17, 2022
Disney Speedstorm Dev Diary – Racer Classes
Get the inside track on the racer class system in Disney Speedstorm in our first Dev Diary

Are you a Speedster, Trickster, Brawler or Defender? The racer class system in Disney Speedstorm has something to fit all play styles. In this Dev Diary, we will explain each racer class in detail as well as the design choice to have distinct classes in the game. 
Game Designer Hunor Vizi gave us more insight on the decision to have each racer be part of a distinct class: 

“We introduced the Class system because we wanted to create variety among our racers, make them feel unique. The playstyle of each class is different, but their learning curves are similar.

In a racing game like Disney Speedstorm, it just felt intuitive to categorize these playstyles into our 4 classes. 

Making the structure systematic not only helps players grasp the system easier, but also helps the Game Team make sense of things when we need to calibrate and balance new racers in future seasons.”

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Each racer class has their own unique bonuses and differences that are either gained passively or by performing certain actions and we’ll explain how each category works below: 

Stats Bonus
There are general stats bonuses that each racer class has an advantage in such as top speed, boost, handling, acceleration, or combat.

Dash Bonus
Unique bonus effects are granted by successfully hitting a rival racer with a dash. This effect is different depending on the racer class and will either benefit the player who lands the dash or hinder the player hit by the dash.

Manual Boost Bonus
Racers can fill their manual boost bar faster by performing certain actions such as hitting boost pads or racing in a rival’s slipstream. The different racer classes will need to perform a certain action to gain a manual boost bonus.

Gameloft Disney Speedstorm


In addition to each racer’s unique skill, there are several common skills that can picked up during races. Each class has a set of 2 skills that are their focus, with each racer in a class having 1 of those 2 focus skills as their class skill. For example, in the Brawler class, Hercules and Beast have Shot as their class skill, whereas Donald Duck has Fire. 
Each racer also has a unique line-up of the other common skills that they can pick up, ensuring that every single racer plays a little differently. 

Gameloft Disney Speedstorm

Now that you have the inside track on what makes our racer class system work, make sure to check out our racer class showcase playlist to see each class in action! 

Finally, don't forget to follow us on our social media channels for all the latest news and make sure you to wishlist the game if you haven’t already!







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