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Disney Speedstorm Dev Diary – Crews
Jan 11, 2023
Get the low-down on how the crew system works in Disney Speedstorm

Today’s Dev Diary is all about the crew system. We’ll not only explain crews in detail, but we’ll also reveal an additional layer of depth that had been added to the system, as well as User Interface (UI) improvements that have been made since the Closed Beta. We remain committed to providing you with regular updates on what the team has been working on to provide the best Disney Speedstorm experience possible, so keep an eye out for more in the coming weeks!

Every successful racer has an amazing crew to support them and it’s no different in Disney Speedstorm. You can equip each of your racers with up to 4 crew members in our game to improve their stats and give you an edge over your rivals. There’s a bunch of Disney & Pixar crew members to collect when the game launches, so gather the crew as we explain this key racer upgrade system works below.

From Mushu & Cri-Kee, to Boo & Roz, there’s a whole host of Disney & Pixar crew members for players to unlock. You can unlock new crew members from reward boxes earned simply by progressing in the game. Equip them to the corresponding racers to help improve their stats.

Each racer can equip one crew members at star level 1, two at star level 3, three at star level 4, with the possibility to equip a maximum of 4 crew members at star level 5. Like racers, you can also use shards to increase the star level of your crew members to make them even more effective.

During the Closed Beta, crew members could improve different combinations of the following stats: 

  • Top Speed: Maximum speed of a racer. 
  • Acceleration: How fast a racer accelerates. 
  • Handling: How well a racer turns & drifts. 
  • Boost: How long a racer’s boost lasts. 
  • Combat: The duration of stun applied when hitting or being hit by rival racers.

We wanted to add an additional layer of depth to the crew upgrade system to make crew members even more impactful. We are happy to reveal that at launch, some crew members will also enhance your racer’s unique and common skills, in one of two ways.

The first enhancement will allow racers to begin a race with a common skill already equipped so you’ll be able to get an edge on your rivals right from the start line.

The second enhancement will increase the overall power level of your racer’s unique skill or a common skill that they pick up during a race.

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The final topic we would like to touch on in this Dev Diary is the improvements we have made the game’s UI, based on the feedback from the Closed Beta. Navigating the menu & UI systems in the game was one of the main feedback topics we received from the community on our social channels and Discord server.

In our video you can see the improvements we have made to the crew system UI to make the whole experience of browsing and equipping crew members more visually appealing and smoother.

It’s not the only aspect of the menu and UI systems in the game we are improving however, keep an eye out for further improvements as we get closer and closer to launch.

Finally, don't forget to follow us on our social media channels for all the latest news and make sure you to wishlist the game if you haven’t already!







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