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Disney Speedstorm Dev Diary – Ranked Multiplayer
Mar 21, 2023
A deep dive on Ranked Multiplayer & Rewards

We take a couple laps on how Ranked Multiplayer will work in Disney Speedstorm and the rewards you can earn by competing.

During the PC Closed Beta, players got to test their skills against one other in Ranked Multiplayer. We received lots of useful feedback about competitive balancing and requests for Ranked Multiplayer to be as fair as possible for all players. The game team has been working hard to ensure a ranked multiplayer experience that’s both competitive and fair, but also fun and rewarding for all players, regardless of experience level or skill.

In this Dev Diary we will explain how the Ranked Multiplayer system works and also reveal some of the exclusive cosmetic rewards you can earn by competing against your fellow Speedstorm community members online. 


If you are unsure as to what Ranked Multiplayer is, then don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! In Disney Speedstorm, Ranked Multiplayer is where you can compete online against other real players to rank up your racers and climb the leaderboards, earning exclusive cosmetics for your racers, as well as Multiplayer Coins to spend in the in-game Shop.

Before we break down how Ranked Multiplayer works, however, we do want to reveal an exciting new feature added since the Closed Beta. Players are now able to create a party with 1 or 2 friends in Ranked Multiplayer! Now you can compete for those top 3 podium places with your friends all the time!

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Ranked Multiplayer is all about ranking up. To do that, you will need to earn “Score Points” by competing in Ranked Multiplayer with different racers in your roster. The higher you place in a race, the more Score Points you will earn for that racer. If you perform poorly in a race, you can lose Score Points, so be aware that this score will rise and fall based on your performance. We will talk about Ranks & Leagues a little bit later on, but before we do that, we need to touch on leaderboards.

There are 2 types of leaderboards in Disney Speedstorm. There are leaderboards for each individual racer and a main global leaderboard. The important thing to know is that your position on the main global leaderboard is determined by the sum of Score Points across all of your racers. This means that mastering as many racers as you can is preferable to focusing on one sole racer in Ranked Multiplayer.


As mentioned above, it’s important to play Ranked Multiplayer with a variety of different racers to improve your global leaderboard position. Each racer in your roster can be ranked up and has their own set of rewards to unlock. Before we show you those sweet exclusive cosmetics however, we want to explain the concept of Ranks & Leagues.

Each racer has individual Score Point milestones to reach in order to increase their Rank. Progressing through 5 Ranks will result in you moving up to a Higher League where you will race against progressively more skilled players. There are total of 10 Rank Leagues to progress through for each racer.

It’s important to note that while your total Score Points level can increase and decrease, affecting your leaderboard position, you cannot lose a Rank once you have reached it during the season. Example: If you reach the Diamond Rank with Baloo, you will not drop below that level for the remainder of the season and will be guaranteed the rewards associated with reaching that rank with Baloo.

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There are a number of different rewards you can earn by competing in Ranked Multiplayer. These are split into rewards you earn by progressing through ranks during the season, and rewards that are granted at the end of each season.

Every time you reach a new Ranked League you will be instantly granted rewards which can include Multiplayer Coins, Tokens, Upgrade Parts and even Cosmetics. At the end of every season, you will also earn Multiplayer Coins based on your final Score Points for each racer in your roster.

We are also very excited to reveal the first ever look at the exclusive kart liveries you’ll be able to unlock for each of your racers that reach the Diamond Rank League.

Gameloft Disney Speedstorm


We also want to touch briefly on our approach to matchmaking. Our goal is to ensure that Ranked Multiplayer races are enjoyable for players of all skill levels and our matchmaking is designed to ensure players will be matched with players of similar skill as much as possible. The matchmaking system is based solely on your Score Points, so your performance during Ranked Multiplayer is the key factor. The better you perform, the higher the caliber of player you will encounter.

There you have it on Ranked Multiplayer & Rewards! Next time we will deep dive on Regulated Multiplayer, a new competitive multiplayer mode focused on skill and not upgrades to racers. 

More to come! 

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